TPPSB - The Platform Public Service Bootcamp (TPPSB).

A 5-Day bootcamp for young Nigerians with an opportunity for a 3-month internship in a Public sector Ministry, Department or Agency post training.

The eligibility criteria for the bootcamp are:

Age Range
25-35 years
Graduates with
HND/BSc/BA in any field
Citizen of
The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Interested or already in
Public Service, Governance, Politics

Why attend?

Our vision is to grow a new generation of Public Servants with the renewed mindset to serve diligently, purposefully, and ethically. The Platform plans to facilitate a 5-Day Public Service Bootcamp for young Nigerians with an opportunity for a 3-month internship in a Public Ministry, Department or Agency post training.

We are on a mission to reprogramme the mindset of the next generation about public service and equip them with the required skills, knowledge and motivation to pursue careers in public service.

Introduce cohorts to the rudiments of Public Service
Reset the perception of cohorts about the purpose and relevance of the public service.
Equip cohorts with the basic knowledge of how public service works and its role and impact in the development of Nigeria.
Present a Best-in-Class model of effective public service to cohorts as motivation to replicate same.
Make public service desirous to cohorts as a career option.
Prepare a new generation of professionals, equipped to reinvigorate and enhance public sector.


Fostering a sense of public service mission

The bootcamp will instil a sense of purpose and commitment to public service. Cohorts will understand the importance of their roles in serving the public interest and contributing to the well-being of society.

Skills Development

Enhance cohorts' skills and competencies required for public service roles, including leadership skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, project management skills, policy analysis, and other relevant skills.

Knowledge Enhancement

Provide cohorts with a comprehensive understanding of public service principles, best practices, and the functioning of government or public sector organizations in areas such as public administration, policy development, governance, ethics, and public service delivery.

Experiential learning

Provide hands-on experiences and practical learning opportunities for cohorts through case studies, simulations, group exercises, real-world projects and internship opportunities to apply their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities in realistic scenarios.

Professional growth and career advancement

Support cohorts' professional growth and career advancement in public service by providing guidance on career planning, opportunities for mentorship, and insights into various career paths within the public sector.

Exposure to innovative practices

Expose cohorts to innovative practices, emerging trends, and new technologies relevant to the public sector. This exposure can inspire creativity, encourage innovative thinking, and equip cohorts with the knowledge to drive transformation within their organizations.

Building resilience and adaptability

Public service often involves navigating complex and rapidly changing environments. The bootcamp will aim to build cohorts' resilience, adaptability, and ability to respond effectively to challenges and uncertainties in public service roles.

Promoting values and ethics

Public service is guided by values such as integrity, accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct. The bootcamp will emphasize these values and promote ethical decision-making in daily work.

Evaluation and feedback

Evaluate the effectiveness of the bootcamp and gather feedback from cohorts to continuously improve the training program for future iterations. Evaluation can help identify areas of strength, areas for improvement, and ensure the bootcamp remains relevant and impactful.

Networking and collaboration

Creating opportunities for networking and collaboration in the bootcamp setting. Cohorts from diverse backgrounds come together to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build professional relationships that can foster collaboration and future partnerships.